Play Like a Man – 10 Things Every Guy Should Own

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While this list certainly isn’t all-inclusive, below we’ve got ten things every guy should own.

A quality grill

cuisineart portable tailgating grill 2It does not matter whether you are grilling out during the dog days of summer or grilling brats in the snow outside of your favorite football stadium. Grills are a necessity at every pool party and tailgate. Fortunately, they come an endless number of sizes and varieties.

Want something that works great as a permanent part of your patio area? Check out some of the larger grills, like this propane-fueled hibachi grill.

Planning on being the tailgate MVP this season? Check out our list of portable grills that work well on the go.

A portable jump starter

portable car chargerJumper cables are a necessity for any car, but few people consider the fact that in order for them to work you need a source of power. Typically we get power by connecting to someone else’s car.

The problem is that if nobody else is around or you’re in a sketchy area, finding someone to hook up to can be difficult. Fortunately, portable jump starters are pretty cheap and can help you get a jump start without the necessity of another person.

If you have a family, portable jump starters are a great investment to keep with your wife and children.

Find out more about portable jump starters and get our recommendations here.


Of course you can see the time on your phone, but watches are a great way to pull together an outfit. They look classy, and you may be surprised at the quality of watches you can buy for less than $200.

The great thing is that you can buy one watch in a color like silver and you’re set. It’s not difficult to find a watch that can be worn with most, if not all, of your outfits.

For some additional can’t miss accessories, check out this article.

Home theater

Whether you’re an avid sports fan or you like to binge watch Netflix, a home theater is a must-have for every guy. While they may seem a bit pricey at first, home theater systems are used nearly every day.

With technology advancing so quickly in this area, TVs and entertainment centers are priced lower than they’ve ever been before.

You may be shocked to find how big of a TV you can buy for ~$500.

Want to really knock it out of the park? Check out this projector and imagine watching TV as the picture stretches over an entire wall.


Having a good pair of headphones is essential for a number of reasons.

Whether you spend a lot of time working out, traveling, or listening to music doing a hundred other things, a good pair of headphones can make a huge difference. There are not many better things than listening to your favorite songs on a pair of quality headphones, where each note is perfect and the sound is crisp.

Headphones come in a ton of different styles – from over the ear to ear buds. Nowadays, most headphones come with a wireless, bluetooth option. It’s a great feature for anyone who uses headphones while they’re doing something active.

Not having a cord to get tangled up with is a huge plus.

Portable speakers

best portable speaker cover imagePortable speakers are one of those things that you really don’t think you need until you think about how frequently you can use them.

Camping, tailgates, parties, hotel rooms – the list goes on. The sound doesn’t get really loud on most of them, but it’s loud enough to provide entertainment for a smaller group.

This Bose wireless speaker is perfect for anyone wanting quality sound and decent volume, without spending a ton of money.


We understand that this one may be last on most people’s priority list (it’s unfortunate), but having cold draft beer at your disposal 24/7 is a dream come true.

Having a kegerator around gives you huge bonus points whenever you have people over, whether it’s for the super bowl or a birthday party.

While they aren’t cheap, there are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to make one. You can even buy the kits on Amazon.

Tool kit

This may be the least shocking item on this list, but owning at least a basic tool kit is essential – not just for every guy but for every household.

Unfortunately, things are going to break and need a bit of TLC every now and then. Occasionally, screws need to be tightened or something needs to get nailed to the wall. It’s hard to do those things by hand or with other random things lying around.

Don’t do a lot of handy work? They’ve got reasonably priced, basic starter tool kits online.

A quality suit

top 10 fashion tipsI should start by saying that when I say quality, I don’t necessarily mean you have to go to get a suit custom tailored for you.

Think about the types of functions you regularly get dressed up for. Perhaps you frequent formal events? Work functions where you’re expected to show up in something a bit more dressy than khakis?

Find a suit that’s comfortable and easy to move around in. Don’t spend a ton of money (unless you want to).

If at all possible, we recommend you have one black suit option and another option that’s lighter and can work with brown shoes. Most of the time dress code will fall to one of those outfits.

PS – don’t skimp on the tie. Have a bit of fun and use them as an opportunity to express yourself.

Decent cookware

We recommend that everyone know how to do at least the most basic of cooking, and you don’t need to be an award winning chef to own a quality set of cookware.

Fact is, most of us guys (especially the single ones) are probably still using the same cookware that we’ve been using since we went to college and moved into an apartment for the first time.

Get a cheap set of pots and pans. After only a few meals the new cookware will have paid for itself in the money you save by not eating out.