Dress Like a Gentleman – 10 Accessories For You to Look Your Best

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You are out in the working world now, you’ve learned how to schmooze with other adults, you know how to setup a budget, complete a deadlift, and fire up the grill.  You are a man, but you dress like a child. It may seem shallow to some, but walking out of your front door looking top-notch from head to toe should give you the bravado and the confidence to be the best man you can be.

My high school football coach used to always say, “Look good. Feel good. Play good.”

If you are ready to be your best, you have to feel your best, by looking your best.  Check out the list below of the top ten accessories you need be your best man.


A watch is an obvious pick here.  Every so often, you’ll notice a man with a sweet, shiny, stylish watch and to be honest, it just looks good.  In the information age, people have begun to rely on their phones to get the time of day.  As a result, the time to wear a watch has seems to have passed, but that is not the case.  A watch is a timeless, classic article that can bring any outfit together and catch a few eyes in the process.

If you want a stylish wristwatch, don’t go spend $10 on a plastic knockoff.  You are not a child.  With that being said, I have friends who have a watch for every outfit.  That, too, is not necessary.  Don’t go spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an eye-catcher.  You can find a fine watch for under $200.  Check out this article for a reviews on some of our best watch picks.


Iron/Ironing Board

Weren’t expecting this one were you?  Gentleman, it took me well into my twenties to understand the impact of a wrinkle.  I have to tell you, now that I know how a freshly ironed shirt looks and feels, I will never go back.  Ironing a shirt takes less than five minutes and is the simplest of tasks.  For the love of all things true, please just buy an iron and an ironing board and start cleaning up just a touch.  They are super cheap and ask anyone out there, it will make you look like a million bucks (for a cost of less than $50.)


If you are going to freshen up with a crisp shirt and a stylish wrist, you might as well christen that look with a fresh tie.   Obviously, a tie is not always necessary, but it can absolutely bring a great outfit together.  Whether you are headed to work, church, or a night out, consider tying it all together.  Check out this article for the top ties this year for looking stylish without breaking the bank.

Bonus: Search this website for some special knots so you don’t always have a boring half-windsor hanging around your neck.  Start here for our best tie brands.

Cuff Links



Cuff Links are the ultimate icing on the cake if you are wearing a nice button down shirt with a tie.  I actually recently just received a pair of monogrammed cuff links that I have worn for my last few special occasions.  Aside from looking great and feeling special and confident, I registered a few compliments from those that noticed.  Check out these to get your own personalized set of cuff links.



A handkerchief is the ultimate symbol of class that too, is becoming a forgotten accessory.  A handkerchief is not always visible and as a result, may not make a lasting visual impression at first glance.  However, this is the first item on this list that a great deal of utility.  Whether you’re wiping a girl’s eye after a tear-jerker or trying to conceal an embarrassing snot bubble from capturing her attention, for the price of $1 per square, there is no reason not have a handkerchief on you at all times.


pens for men

Much like the handkerchief, a pen is not always going to go noticed and is certainly not the star of the show.  With that being said, in the event that you do need a pen, you may leave quite the impression.  Stop pulling out that 10 cent BIC that you got from your apartment complex and get a professional pen.  It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on a writing utensil, but much like a pair of sunglasses, it is always a good idea to have at least one nice set.  Check out these for starters and work your way up and down in price as you choose.


Money Clips

Money clips are great for so many reasons, but my favorite is the fact it helps you keep your monetary belongings organized and limits you to how much you can carry.  There is no need have several credit cards (and more importantly, to carry all of them around with you at all times).  Wallets are fine, but if you have too many cards they get bulky and can cause back trouble, leave an imprint in your slacks.  All of this can be avoided by getting a simple money clip.  Check this one out.


Quick caveat: if you are not a professional businessman that is going to and from an office with papers, statements, or a computer in tow, please don’t go out and buy a briefcase.  If you are though, please do.  You don’t see briefcases as often you used to, but they are always stylish and can complement a great power suit.  Here is one that I recommend.

Messenger Bagsmessenger bag

Long ago are the days that messenger bags were for the elite hipsters within the group.  Now, they are not only a good statement if used correctly, but can also be very useful as well as affordable.  Don’t carry one just trying to prove that you drink coffee locally.  If you have a computer or papers that you need to carry around, please have everything organized.  Having everything contained instead of having papers fly around is a much better look.  As far as style, remember simplicity is king.  Check out this affordable sling right here.


Okay, so definitely not an accessory that you carry on your person, but smelling great has it’s place in fashion for sure.  All that I beg is, please don’t overdo it.  You are trying to add a little icing on the cake, not waterboard someone with a fancy aroma.  Balance is key.  In my humble opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with the “double pits to chesty”, but if you are in doubt, ask your girl what she prefers.