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How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

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The Half Windsor Knot is one of the most popular and classic tying techniques. This post will guide you on how to tie a half Windsor knot with perfection.

Tying a Tie

Men wearing neckties always look professional and dapper. Movies and TV shows always show us how the actor flawlessly ties their necktie.

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Necktie tying requires a lot of time, patience, and practice. Knowing how to tie a necktie is a great skill to have, even though various materials have been created to help necktie tying easier (such as clip-on ties).

At present, there are so many techniques and ways to tie a necktie. They range from easy to difficult, and sometimes the appropriate way depends on the length of your necktie, the fabric, and sometimes even the occasion that you are attending.

One of the classiest and most popular tying techniques right now is the half Windsor knot.

The Half Windsor Knot

The half Windsor knot is also called as a single Windsor knot because of its smaller size and the usage of only one side in looping compared to its “father”, the Windsor knot. This technique produces a symmetrical triangular knot, bigger than the Four-In-Hand knot and the Pratt knot.

This is highly recommended for wide neckties with lightweight to medium weight fabrics, and may be paired with dress shirts.

One advantage of the half Windsor knot is its large appearance, yet it does not use as much material compared to the Windsor knot. A disadvantage, however, is that in comparison to a Four-in-Hand, it requires more material thus not making it suitable for short ties.

As fancy as the name sounds, it’s not difficult to learn how to tie a half Windsor knot.

If you’re familiar on how to do a Windsor knot, it will obviously be very easy.

As said above, their only difference is that a half Windsor knot only loops in one side, while the Windsor knot loops in both. This article will explain and teach you how to tie a half Windsor knot.


How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

  1. The very first thing that you have to do is of course placing the tie around your neck. When you do this, make sure that the wider end is longer than the narrow end. A good estimate will be about 12 inches, or having the tip of the wider end by your belly button. The wider end should be at the right, while the narrow end is on the left.
  2. Next, make a cross. The wide end should be in front or overlapping the narrow end towards the left. Make a fold by folding the wide end behind the narrow end. When you’ve done the fold, the wide end will now be at the right again while the narrow end will be at the left. Bring the wide end up and insert it to the loop.
  3. The next part can be done in two ways. When you pull the wide end up, you can pull it to the left side or the right side.
  4. If you choose to pull it to the left side, the next thing you should do is cross it to the right, overlapping the narrow end. Bring the wide end under the knot to the center. When you do this, make sure that the wide end goes underneath the knot you have made earlier.  If you choose to pull to the right side, cross the wide end to the left. Bring the wide end to the center, just like the instructions above.
  5. Pull the wide end down through the loop in front and make sure that the knot is tight. Using one hand, pull the narrow end gently while the other hand moves the knot up until it reaches your collar. It must be a snug fit but also make sure that you are comfortable and that you can breathe! A tie is there to add fashion and formality to your looks, not slowly strangle you to death!How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot


Now that you know how to tie a half Windsor knot, the next thing that you should check is if you tied your knot correctly. A half Windsor knot has a deep dimple present. If your tie has it, then congratulations! You have just learned how to perfectly and correctly do a half Windsor knot. If the dimple isn’t present, don’t be discouraged and try again!

In case you don’t want to forget, just remember that the tying technique is basically crossing over, folding, inserting through the loop and repeating the process again.

Remember that practice always makes perfect! Necktie tying is not very easy, especially if you’re not used to doing it. Don’t be discouraged or frustrated if you don’t get it right during your first try. Always practice in front of a mirror and look back on the instructions to see if you did it correctly.

If you need a tie with which to practice, check out this article for the best tie recommendations!

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