How to Tie an Eldredge Necktie Knot

How to Tie an Eldredge Necktie Knot

Tie Knots

There are many different ways to tie a tie. Some are considered classic, old-fashioned, fashionable and interesting. A lot of men feel restricted to the usual and the classics. In effect, there are now more modern tie knots that have recently become popular. The need to have a new kind of tie knot is the male population’s response to the many choices in everything. This is so unlike before when communication is at snail’s pace. With information at your fingertips and social media to back it up, discovery of new things is almost instant.

Why Wear a Tie?

Before you appreciate the newer tie knots, you have to realize why men have to wear ties. It is not just to add color to a man’s attire. It is a lot more.

Compared to a woman’s attire, a man’s clothes for the day is just a dress shirt, a coat and a pair of pants. The necktie, aside from adding some color, keeps everything together. This is similar to how accessories work for women. If a woman has to apply make-up to enhance her femininity, a man wears a tie to boost his masculinity. The message put across by the necktie is that this man takes extra special care to his appearance. He exudes a confident appeal even without opening his mouth. What does a man get out of it? Respect is expected because the man with the tie is probably the boss or on his way to become one.

When you see someone with a tie, the man is often seen as someone with a career. And having a career means purpose and direction in life. A tie has this incredible effect that makes one look professional, young or old.

Lastly, a tie tells the world that you look good. Same effect as a red lipstick, you are telling other people to look at you and listen to you.

How to Tie an Eldredge Necktie Knot

How to Tie an Eldredge Necktie Knot


Created out of boredom, the Eldredge Knot was born. This was created by Jeffrey Eldredge, a company technical instructor. The company he works for requires every man to wear a suit and a tie. Bored with the classics, he experimented with different knots. Finally, he was able to create his own. This knot of his took two years to perfect. A step by step procedure was made to make things a bit painless for you.

  1. First, be sure that the wide end reaches the middle part of your belt’s width. This is so because you will be using the narrow end to tie this knot. This is unlike other knots that use the wide end to tie the knot. The wide end should be on your right.
  2. Hold the wide end gently then make a dimple. Loop the narrow end over the wide end. Bring it around the back.
  3. Take the narrow end up and then over the loop in front. Pass the narrow end through this loop, going towards the right. You want to make the knot the tightest possible. You will need all fabric of the narrow end later in finishing the knot.
  4. This time, take the narrow end over the knot’s center going to the other side. Then take it to the back again.
  5. Making sure of the tightness of the knot, take the narrow side over the top.
  6. At this point, the knot should be tight but the new flap that you have brought to the top should not be too tight. To achieve this, take the narrow end through the back and through the loop. Tug the narrow end and tighten the knot.
  7. Take the narrow end to the back of the loop. Then bring it up going to the front of the knot.
  8. Bring this to the top again going to the back and to the other end.
  9. Bring it through the loop. Again keep this part loose.
  10. Then tug down. Be sure that the knot is tight. The narrow end left should be hidden behind the loop. Voila! What you have is the Eldredge Knot!

Learning how to tie an Eldredge Necktie Knot is not that easy. It needs a lot of practice. To make your life a bit easier, here are some things that you should remember.

  •  As mentioned earlier, be sure that the wide end goes down to the center of your belt. You need as much fabric you can have because the narrow end does many loops to achieve the look.
  • The best tie for the Eldredge Necktie Knot is the one with a solid color.
  • Treat the Eldredge Necktie Knot like a centerpiece. Use it with dress shirts with quiet colors. The Knot should be the highlight of your suit.

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