Top 5 Best Tie Brands of 2017

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2016 has come to a close, so now it is time to look ahead at next year’s 5 best tie brands.

Have you decided on which ties to buy this new year? Do you want to add a good selection to your wardrobe?  Check our list of the best tie brands here for you to check out.

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Having a good tie is more than just about the pattern.

The material it is made from, as well as the manufacturer will all play a part in the quality of the ties you get.

Any one of the brands listed below would be excellent choices to search for to start your own tie collection.

It is a known fact that if you want to be successful, you need to present the image of success

Your wardrobe will get a lot of attention, so it is important to make sure that the ties you choose are not cheaply made and of poor quality.  A tie is one of the most important accessories you can wear so make it a great one.

Best Tie Brands of 2017



If you are searching for a more casual look, but still want luxury and quality, take a look at the excellent selection of ties by Burberry. You will find such styles as the skinny style, striped silk tie.  Burberry also has others that fit a more casual style that still looks classy and stylish.

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Duchamp London


Duchamp London
 specializes in traditional style suits shirts and pants.

They are also a leading brand in the tie industry, creating fine quality ties in bold colors for those who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Duchamp London has a variety of materials and patterns that allow for a great selection for the discerning gentleman who wants to make an impression.

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Carlo Franco

Italian-based company Carlo Franco creates seven fold, 100% Italian woven silk masterpieces.  Each time is made by Italian artists for that exquisite look and quality every man wants to have.

They have a variety of color choices and patterns available all with the incredible quality this company is known for.



Another fine Italian company, Brioni makes the kinds of ties that men want to own.

They offer a beautiful, classic look without frills that will up the bar on your wardrobe to excellent levels. These ties are also seven fold.  These ties are made from silk which is by far the best material of construction.

Watch out for cheap knock offs when shopping for these ties and make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source.

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Probably one of the most well-known brand of this list, Hermés is a French fashion manufacturer renowned for its luxurious accessories.

They use top quality silks in their designs which tend to be low-key but not boring.

Wear one of these and you will have people asking where you got it.


In conclusion, any one of these companies would be an excellent place to start your tie collection.

There are other great brands out there as well, but what you want to look for is quality material, preferably silk.

You should also look for excellent craftsmanship and a great selection of colors and patterns.

Most of the best tie brands on the market are not going to have novelty ties.

However, if you’re looking for style, class, and elegance, any of the brands above will provide what you’re looking for.